Secondo la classifica stilata dal sito specializzato Airline Ratings, Singapore Airlines ha vinto la classifica World Best Airlines 2019, battendo sul filo di lana Air New Zealand, Quantas Airways e Qatar Airways.

L’innovazione continua, i nuovi prodotti e la qualità del servizio di volo il segreto del successo di Singapore Airlines, che offre la tratta più lunga del mondo (la Singapore-New York no stop), la possibilità di riposare in vere e proprie cabine oltre a un’app particolarmente efficace che consente ai ai frequent flyer di scegliere e salvare varie dati come le preferenze dei servizi di intrattenimento e spendere punti nelle aziende locali.

La compagnia aerea ha messo in servizio nuove varianti di aeromobili come l’Airbus A350-900ULR, ora in volo senza scalo tra Singapore e New York in una configurazione di posti a sedere premium, e il Boeing 787-10 come parte di una strategia per mantenere una flotta giovane ed efficiente.

Singapore sta investendo milioni di euro per rinnovare le cabine degli aerei con un nuovo prodotto che include un  A380 di prima classe e nuove suite di classe business regionali e di lungo raggio.

La compagnia aerea ha anche vinto il prestigioso premio First Class per le sue Suites, si tratta di 6 cabine nella parte anteriore del ponte superiore dell’ammiraglia Airbus A380, spazi progettati per offrire il confort di una piccola stanza d’albergo.


Ecco la top ten con i giudizi integrali di Airline Ratings,

1 Singapore Airlines.

One of the standouts in the industry for decades it has returned to its best with a new product, new aircraft and new innovative flights such as the Singapore-New York non-stop. Quite simply the airline is the Gold Standard

2 Air New Zealand

Just pipped out of top spot by Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand is widely recognized as an airline that punches well above its weight globally and is a carrier to watch when it comes to innovation. It is one of the few airlines in the world to have an investment grade credit rating, is a staunch supporter of its home country and has been enjoying a healthy expansion in both its domestic and international markets. A class act!”

3 Qantas

Its customer approval rating is at an all-time high and it continues to innovate with lie-flat beds on all its A330s that operate domestic and regional international flights. Its new 787 non-stop service from Peth to London is just a taste of what we can expect from the world’s oldest continuously operating and most experienced airline. A great performance

4 Qatar Airways

Great food, wine, product, and service proved the magic combination that delivered Qatar Airways to fourth spot and the dual awards of best business class and catering in the  2019 Airline Excellence Awards.

The airline’s Qsuite is a first-class experience in business class. It leaves little to chance and our judges rated it as one of the best overall business-class products they had seen. It sets a standard to which some airlines can only aspire.

5 Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has redefined the travel experience with its Economy X, Premium Economy, and standout Business Class. Add to that its cabin crew, which are the world’s best, and you have another airline punching well above its weight.

6 Emirates

“Emirates has been an industry benchmark in cabin innovation and aircraft for years and dominates long-haul travel, with a level of service that only a few equal. Emirates was one of the pioneers of IFE, and one of the first to install seatback videos in economy. Today its IFE platform ICE is in a class of its own.

7 All Nippon Airways

“Japanese service at its best combined with constant cabin innovation, new aircraft see ANA in the Top Ten. Its attention to detail is quite extraordinary.”

8 EVA Air

“Always been a standout airline and a leader in such things as premium economy class. New aircraft, new routes, and more cabin innovations keep EVA Air in the Top Ten.”

9 Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay is always in the winner’s circle and has won numerous awards from including Best Business Class in 2013 and 2015 and Best Asia/Pacific Airline for 2016. Is always in the Top Ten. The airline is a byword for operational excellence.”

10 Japan Airlines

The airline, like its competitor ANA, is the embodiment of Japanese service and attention to detail. Always figures in major awards.