Being an airline pilot is one of the fastest growing professions and at the Eagles Aviation Academy you can follow a precise path that will train you both theoretically and practically, for < strong> become a professional pilot. Here’s how!

The pilot, an increasingly requested figure

 Plane pilot request forecast

Never as in recent years has the world been hungry for pilots . To write it in an official document is Boeing itself, that with a study has calculated that until 2037 there will be a need for 790,000 pilots, almost 150,000 in Europe only .

There is such a shortage of professionals that it has come to the point that companies have to “ lend” their pilots even to competitors as in the case of Etihad-Emirates .

Became a line pilot

What does it mean to be a pilot? First of all, a pilot must know how to fly an airplane, knowing very well the machine he is flying on, but choosing to become a pilot means much more than flying and traveling around the world . It takes great responsibility, a true passion, an iron motivation, a constructive management of stress and the ability to remain calm in the face of unexpected events that can happen, bearing in mind that the lives of passengers depend on one’s actions.

The skills and competences acquired during training make the real difference in the safe management of abnormal and unexpected situations. At the Eagles Aviation Academy you can count on a team of professionals with long experience.

Training is the element that allow you to save passengers and crew lives. Fundamental, in this training, is to understand that it is not just a matter of pushing buttons or making automatic maneuvers , but making the very concept that the role of the pilot has a crucial relevance in the complex world of safety of the flight.

This second phase takes approximately 12 months.

 Become a pilot with the Eagles Academy flight school
 Get the airplane pilot license

First phase, PPL

Obtaining the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) airline pilot license is a step-by-step path that allows you to acquire the necessary technical and practical knowledge, entirely at our flight school.

The first step is the achievement of the PPL license (Private Pilot License) which requires 45 hours of flight training between dual-command lessons and solo missions and a course of 100 hours of theory that take place in the classrooms of the Eagles Aviation Academy.

Depending on the time you can devote to the first step, it generally takes 4 to 8 months to complete this first phase, which ends with a theoretical exam and a practical test .

Flying hours

Theory hours


Second phase, ATPL e filling

ATPL theoretical exams to become a pilot

Flying hours


The second, so-called “ filling ” phase involves the exams ATPL theorists in English (consisting of 14 subjects: Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframe, Systems, Powerplant, Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, Performance, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, VFR Communications, IFR Communications) and the performance of the flight activity necessary to achieve the minimum requirements by law to begin the third phase, professional.

During the filling, the candidate also obtains the qualification for the night flight (Night Rating).

This second phase takes approximately 12 months.

Third phase, professional: CPL-IR

Flying hours

 Training on twin-engine propeller aircraft to become a pilot


The third and final phase involves training on propeller twin-engine aircraft ( MEP -Multi Engine Piston), preparatory to the instrument flight qualification IFR , or Instrument Rating IR and training for the achievement of the commercial license of CPL aircraft.

The IFR qualification is divided into two phases: basic and advanced, for a total of 55 hours of training and can also include the use of the latest certified flight simulators generation.

To obtain the CPL license at the end, a practical flight training of 15 hours is foreseen.

Successfully passed all stages and achieved 200 flight hours as a total experience, completed 18 years of age and having a first class physical fitness , you can finally take the CPL practical exam (Commecial Pilot License) with IR qualification (Instrument Rating on twin-engine aircraft) which enables professional flight, allowing the pilot to be selected from a airline airline or a aerial work company and then immediately enter the world of aeronautical work.

This third phase, can take from 4 to 6 months, so starting from scratch, to obtain the CPL IR license it takes about 24 months.

The three phases compared to become a pilot

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