Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(A) Modular


Theory hours

Practice hours

Course goal

The purpose of the CPL (A) modular course is to train PPL (A) holders to the level of professionalism necessary for the issue of a CPL (A).
Admission requirements
Being 18 years old to perform the practical exam

Have carried out at least 200 total flight hours before requesting the practical exam
Good knowledge of the English language
Good knowledge of math and physics

The knowledge of linguistic and technical subjects is aimed at full understanding and correct learning of all the topics covered during the theoretical training course.

Requirements to take the practical exam
To be 18 years old to perform the practical exam. Have carried out at least 200 total flight hours comprising at least:
a) 100 hours as pilot-in-command, including a VFR navigation flight of at least 540 km (300 NM);;
b) five hours of night flight
BGood knowledge of the English language
Good knowledge of mathematics and physics

Course structure:

Theory: 250 hours of theoretical lessons to be carried out at the academy premises (the theoretical ATPL course also includes the theory of CPL and IR)

Practice: 25 hours of practical lessons to be carried out on single-engine or multi-engine piston aircraft (if in possession of IR qualification, they are reduced to 15 hours of visual flight).

The goal of this course is to train the pilot student to the level of theoretical knowledge necessary for passing the CPL exam (A).

Classroom lessons are performed by qualified teachers with great experience in the aeronautical sector, at the end of each subject tests are carried out to verify the preparation of the students before presenting themselves for the final exam.
Practical flight lessons are held by instructors with great flight experience in both civil and military fields.

Subjects covered during the course:

1.Air law
2.Aircraft general knowledge, systems and airframes
4.Mass and balance
6.Flight planning and monitoring
7.Human performance and limitation
9.General navigation
11.Operational procedures
12.Principles of flight
13.VFR communications

* The above information is purely indicative and in no way replaces the current regulation.

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