Light Airplane Pilot Licence LAPL(A)


Theory hours

Practice hours

Course goal

The purpose of this course is to train the pilot student to the level of theoretical knowledge necessary for passing the LAPL exam (A).

Admission requirements

The applicant must be in possession of the LAPL medical qualification


Be 16 years old for the first solo pilot flight
Be 17 years old to perform the practical exam

Privileges and conditions:

The holder of an LAPL (A) can operate as pilot in command on single-engine piston aircraft (SEP) with a maximum take-off weight of 2,000 kg or less, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers, so that there are never more than 4 people on board the aircraft
The holder of an LAPL (A) can carry passengers only if he has completed, after the release of the license, 10 hours of flight as pilots in command

Course structure:

Theory: 100 hours of theoretical lessons to be carried out at the academy

Practice: 30 hours of practical lessons to be carried out on single-engine piston aircraft

Classroom lessons are carried out by qualified teachers with great experience in the aeronautical sector, at the end of each subject tests are carried out to verify the preparation of the students before presenting themselves for the final exam.
Practical flight lessons are held by instructors with great flight experience in both civil and military fields.

The subjects covered during the course are:

1.Aeronautical regulation
2.Human performance
5.Principles of flight
6.Operational procedures
7.In-flight performance and flight planning
8.General knowledge of the aircraft

* The above information is purely indicative and in no way replaces the current regulation.