Instrument Rating IR (A) Modular

Theory hours

Practice hours

Goal of the course

The purpose of the IR (A) modular flight training course is to train pilots to the level of professionalism necessary to be able to operate on aircraft according to IFR rules and under IMC conditions .

Admission requirements

IR applicants must:

  • have at least one PPL of an appropriate category of aircraft;
  • have the rating to carry out night flights;
  • have completed at least 50 hours of navigation flight as pilot in command on aircraft;

Requirements to take the practical exam:

  • have achieved the TEA (Test of English Aviation).

The knowledge of linguistic and technical subjects is aimed at full understanding and correct learning of all the topics covered during the theoretical training course.

Course structure

Theory: 150 hours of theoretical lessons to be carried out at the academy premises

Practice: 50 hours of practical lessons if the final exam is on a single-engine aircraft or 55 hours in the case of using a multi-engine aircraft.

Classroom lessons are carried out by qualified teachers with enormous experience in the aeronautical sector, at the end of each subject tests are carried out to verify the preparation of the students before presenting themselves for the final exam.
Practical flight lessons are held by instructors with great flight experience in both civil and military fields.

The subjects covered during the course are:

1.Air law
2.Aircraft general knowledge – instruments
3.Flight planning and monitoring
4.Human performance and limitation
7.IFR communications

* The above information is purely indicative and in no way replaces the current regulation.

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