Multi Crew Cooperation MCC(A)


Theory hours

Practice hours

Goal of the course:

The purpose of this course is to train pilots to operate safely in a multi-crew scenario on a multi-engine aircraft to achieve MCC (A) certification.

Admission pre-requisites:

The applicant must be in possession of the CPL with IR certification

Course structure:

Theory: 25 hours of theoretical lessons to be carried out in part at the academy premises and in part at the simulator’s premises

Practice: 20 hours of practical lessons, for each couple of pilots, to be carried out on FNTP II or SBB

Classroom lessons are carried out by qualified teachers with great experience in the aeronautical sector.
The simulator missions are held by instructors with great flight experience both in the civil and military fields.

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* The above information is purely indicative and in no way replaces the current regulation