Why Eagles

The EAGLES AVIATION ACADEMY, was born first of all from the passion for flight and is the natural response to the growing worldwide demand for professional pilots, to be trained in a “Professional and Expert” environment.


Experience and security

The Eagles Aviation Academy has in its team of instructors only pilots of great and proven experience and is structured, unique in Italy, like a real Air Force Academy. The School is officially inaugurated on April 23, 2014 and immediately aims not only on absolute professionalism but also on a teaching method that makes the pleasure of learning its key . For the Eagles Aviation Academy, the approach to flight must be the same, whether it is a student who flies as a hobby or a professional pilot, the correct mentality favors Flight Safety respect to any other aspect.

Only if carried out safely does the flight produce the desired results, be it pure fun or the transport of passengers and goods.

Professional training

Compared to other schools on the market, the Eagles Aviation Academy offers some training peculiarities that make it special:
Flight school instructors have great and proven professional experience and are able to better interpret learning difficulties , guaranteeing a deeper and more rapid training effectiveness on the part of the student and therefore the promised results also in terms of REAL costs.
The use of the twin engine from the beginning of the professional training process, immediately prepares the student for the technical problems of commercial flight, requiring greater commitment but training the necessary mentality .
The Eagles Aviation Academy carries out constant monitoring of the students progress during each training phase, to ensure that the course always proceeds with maximum performance and to guarantee a full mastery of piloting techniques and theoretical knoweledge.